TrampolineTrampolining is a competitive Olympic sport in which trampolinists perform acrobatics while bouncing on a trampoline.  These can include simple jumps in the pike, tuck or straddle position to more complex combinations of forward or backward somersaults and twists.

There are four related competitive rebound sports, individual trampoline, synchronised trampoline, double mini trampoline, and tumbling.

Our classes assist children’s development whilst being progressive.  The classes are broken into four sections; Amimalz, Klub Kidz, Teens and Adults, and squad class.

ANIMALZ is a basic introduction to trampoline for 5+ year olds.  The program helps develop strength, flexibility, co-ordination, balance and posture.

KLUB KIDZ is our school aged groups, broken into Navy, White and Silver (Our club colours!).  It is agility/age based, non competitive, progressive and systematic program for school aged beginners and our ‘ANIMALZ’ graduates.

TrampolineTEENS 13+ is for anyone in their teens or older. This program allows individuals to develop at their own speed, but allows students to develop harder skills.

Our Squads are invitational and allow students to represent Ipswich PCYC, and Queensland, and compete at National Championships.

Trampoline is good fun, great for coordination and a lot of discipline is involved.  In the classes we practice levels and different skills and all have a lot of fun.

Trampoline Special Needs Classes

PCYC Ipswich Trampoline Special Needs program provides a safe and fun environment for any age with physical or intellectual disabilities who wish to exercise and have fun.  Classes are run when the gym is a bit quieter so there is less chance of any distraction or the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Trampolines can regulate and advance special-needs children's sensory skills.  Children with Autism or Asperger's syndrome frequently feel overwhelmed by stimuli, leading to added stress and undesirable behaviours.  Trampolines are also fantastic for increasing sensory awareness and improving motor skills.  Jumping encourages muscle development, strengthens bones, reinforces joints and improves balance.

The classes are specifically programmed to accommodate the many different challenges of our special needs population.  Activities focus on improving communication skills and developing friendships.  The focus on movement will help with coordination, promote muscle tone, and a great sense of fun and well being. 

Call for more information as to how we can help you with your special needs child or students.

*In accordance with our governing body Gymnastics Australia, athletes with Downs Syndrome must have prior screen by a qualified medical practitioner before taking part in any trampoline activity.


Address:  Avon Hall, 22 Old Toowoomba Road, One Mile. 

Recreational classes are held Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Please contact the office for the most up to date availability of classes.

Ages are used as a guide only.  The coach will assess athlete's progress and recommend changes to classes as necessary.

Animalz 4 - 6 years
Navy 7 - 8 years
White 9 - 10 years
Silver 11 - 12 years
Teens & Adults 13 + years

* Additional classes will be held as needed and are subject to change at anytime.  Please check with the office on 3281 2547 for the most up to date timetable. *



Participants will need to bring the following items to every class:

  • Running shoes.
  • Socks.
  • Water bottle.
  • Hair tied back.
  • No jeans or studs.
  • A positive attitude.



Contact the office to book in your lessons!  It's that easy!!


Fees are paid in a term payment and start from $8.50 per class.  Classes run with the state school term.

Example of a term payment:
$8.50 x 10 weeks = $85 per term

QGA fees:

$22.00 Recreational Students
$25.00 Competition Students

Competition Students will have additional fees relating to uniforms, levels and competitions.

PCYC Membership
is compulsory for all participants. See fee box in top right corner for current fee information.



Queensland Gymnastics Association, QGA, is the governing body of all gymnastics sports.  QGA has a major focus on servicing clubs to ensure they are well equipped to professionally deliver quality gymnastics programs to the community. 

The most important factor to consider when selecting a gymnastics program for yourself and/or your children is to ensure that the club is affiliated (and therefore meets the required minimum safety and insurance standards) and the coach taking the lessons is Accredited and a current Technical Member (therefore having undertaken appropriate training to ensure the required knowledge and expertise).

QGA Registration is compulsory for all PCYC gym sports.


Ipswich PCYC offers a trial membership for new members to give their class a go before purchasing PCYC Membership.  You can pay casually for classes, for the first two visits.  On your third visit, your PCYC Membership is due.
For New Members Only

PCYC Membership

Ipswich PCYC membership is an annual fee compulsory for all attendees at PCYC.

Membership fees are as follows:

Junior (under 18) $20.00
Senior (over 18) $30.00
Family $60.00

Junior Pulse Disco

The PCYC hosts a monthly Pulse disco for primary school age children.

Next disco: TBA 2014
6.30pm - 9.00pm

$7 Entry ~ Canteen Available ~ Glow Products ~ Fully Supervised.

Gym Timetable

For all your fitness needs, our new gym has something for you. Our current timetable is available here, click to download.

Download the Fitness Timetable here

Child Minding Available

Childminding is available during school terms for all people participating in a club activity.

Available Monday to Friday from 9.00am - 11.15am.


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Assisting young people to overcome the barriers to attaining their drivers licence through the support of the community.



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